Chandler Elementary

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Campus Spelling Bees Begin

Elementary schools throughout Victoria ISD have begun hosting campus spelling bees. The campus spelling bees are held in December and January, ahead of the Victoria County Spelling Bee on February 4, 2021.

During the week of December 7-11, a spelling bee was held at seven campuses. The following students placed at the top of their respective campus:

Chandler Elementary:
Winner - Jackson Fayed (3rd grade)
Runner-Up - Xavier Medrano (5th grade)

Dudley Elementary:
Winner - Andres Sanchez (5th grade)
Runner-Up - Ella Stines (5th grade)

Hopkins Elementary:
Winner - Zayda McClary (4th grade)
Runner-Up - Miabella Fernandez (4th grade)

O’Connor Elementary:
Winner - Axton Salazar (3rd grade)
Runner-Up - Jose Deleon (5th grade)

Schorlemmer Elementary:
Winner - Princess Bonuz (5th grade)
Runner-Up - Laney Young (4th grade)

Torres Elementary:
Winner - Lauren Gaytan (5th grade)
Runner-Up - Kinley Nessel (3rd grade)

Vickers Elementary:
Winner – Korbin Pate (4th grade)
Runner-Up – Lorelei Kramer (4th grade)  

The winner from each campus will compete in the Victoria County Spelling Bee on February 4, 2021. The runners-up will also be studying, in the event the winner is unable to participate for any reason.