Chandler Elementary

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Fourth Grade


Cassandra Bednarczyk and Paige Soehnge

Kathryn Kelly 


This year, your child will be filled with new knowledge that will prepare them for the future. 


In Social Studies we will be studying Texas history from early exploration and Native Americans to modern day. 


In Science we will begin with lab procedures and the scientific process.  Throughout the year your child will have hands on experience of topics such as matter, food webs, soil, and weather. 


In Writing we will be writing everyday about real life experiences.  Your child will be taught to take a composition from brainstorming through publication. 


Our Math studies will include concrete learning such as measurement, problem solving, fractions, place value, decimals, multiplication and division. 


Reading is one of the most important foundations for learning.  Students who can understand what they read and who can make connections between what they read and what they already know will more likely be successful—both in the classroom and in the real world.